Paging Jason - what track did you drive the Charger Hellcat on?

Jason posted his impressions of the 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat yesterday on the FP - he mentions being flown to D.C. and hooning a bunch of different Charger models around a track. Was the track just a cone setup or an actual track in/near D.C.? I live about an hour away in southern MD, so I'd love to know about it. » 10/30/14 4:25pm Yesterday 4:25pm

I think that's a Race Red EB/PP - Competition Orange doesn't look that red from what (few) pics I've seen, and the design of those black wheels matches the EcoBoost Performance Package AFAIK. » 10/27/14 2:14pm Monday 2:14pm

My one quibble with the i8's looks is how the headlight lenses extend to the grill instead of conforming to the LED accents. Fiddling with the headlight housings is certainly one way to fix that. » 10/26/14 8:14pm Sunday 8:14pm

A lot of the houses in my neighborhood have beige cars (multiple copies/generations in some cases), but there are some car guys here and the number of interesting cars has been increasing as of late. My Focus is a manual, as are some other cars around here. » 10/25/14 9:20pm Saturday 9:20pm

A neighbor has been driving his V8-swapped S14 Kouki all day.

Not the one pictured above, obviously, but it is the same red. I think he got a new exhaust for it, and as far as I know he's been driving it in and out of the neighborhood since yesterday; he also revs it a few times every time he gets back home. I'm so jelly of his 240SX already, and this is not helping LOL. » 10/25/14 7:30pm Saturday 7:30pm