The Kia Forte5 here in the U.S. While I don’t see the current-gen Forte sedan and Forte Koup very often (which I find odd given how common the Elantra variants are), I think I’ve only come across less than five Forte5 units of both generations. I was surprised to know that this even existed the first time I saw one,… » 5/04/15 11:56am Monday 11:56am

My mom did the same thing with her car last week. What I found odd was that even though the key was in the car’s interior, the keyless entry system wouldn’t unlock the when the buttons on the door handles were pressed. » 5/01/15 2:50pm Friday 2:50pm

Aside from the Cruis’n, Rush, and Ridge Racer games that I had for the Nintendo 64, I’d consider Top Gear Rally 2 to still be a good racing game (and one of my favorite games, period). Slightly revised copypasta from my reply to a Truck Yeah! post from last year about off-road racing games: » 4/30/15 1:00pm 4/30/15 1:00pm

When I first came across a map that tracked the states that Tesla could sell cars in (I believe Jalopnik had shared it from somewhere else), I was pretty surprised to see that they couldn’t do direct sales here in MD. I’ve seen quite a few more Model S units in my neck of the woods since then, and it’s great to… » 4/14/15 9:37pm 4/14/15 9:37pm