Found Around UMD Part 4: The 2- and 3-Doors, Big and Small

Since I've got a lot of pics of 2- and 3-door vehicles, this post will focus on everything other than the hardtop sports/performance cars, i.e. convertibles, city cars, work vehicles, etc. The 4- and 5-door cars that I noticed are in Part 3. Here's a sixth-generation Chevrolet Suburban C10 to start things off. » 8/29/14 8:15pm Friday 8:15pm

37,288 Corvettes were built during the 2014 MY.

Suffice it to say, the C7 Stingray did pretty well for itself in its first model year, even with the 8L90 transmission and Z06 models on the horizon for the 2015 MY. The number of 2014 Corvettes built only trails the numbers for the 1985 (39,729 units), 2005 (37,372 units) and 2007 (40,561 units) model years. » 8/27/14 3:05pm Wednesday 3:05pm